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Demolition Robot

Demolition Robot

Demolition Robot
Demolition robot is mainly used for helping people demolishing. It adopts high-tech digital video, infrared monitoring, wireless/wired remote control system as well as a low center of gravity design result in safe working environment for both man and machine. Our demolition robot is also environmentally-friendly. It uses electromotor or low pollution diesel engine to reduce noise level, lower vibration as well as reduce pollution emissions, which meets EC standard. The output power can automatically adjust according to the laden demands, without losing energy. As to the property, it adopts GT series hydraulic hammer for high breaking efficiency and flexibility. Demolition robot is suitable for transportation and demolition work in metallurgy, construction and rescuing industry.

We credit our success to over 10 years of experience in this field. Motivated by the response from our customers, we have strived to build quality robotic demolition machines to meet the stringent demands of different industries.
1. Metallurgy and Cement Industries:
Metallurgic plant: for furnace disintegrating, unpacking, and ditch cleaning etc.
Cement plant: for crust breaking and brick breaking.
2. Construction industries for demolishing buildings, bridges, roadbed, chimney and reconstructing buildings.
3. Nuclear energy and chemical industries: for performing such operations as breaking, demolishing, sorting and transporting in nuclear power plants and high-risk chemical factories.
4. Rescue Industries: for rescuing in various emergencies, such as earthquake, fires, coal mine blasts, terrorism attacks etc.

More than 10 years experience of manufacturing hydraulic equipments taught us how to provide competitive products. Welcome you to order!

Parameter of GT Demolition Robot
Basic parameterWeight (kg)175043004500
Tool weight (kg)250450450
Track width (mm)230300300
Ground pressure (MPa)0.0310.0420.043
Travel speed (km/h)2.3/4.2(slow/fast)3.4/4.5(slow/fast )3.4/4.5(slow/fast )
Rotary speed (r/min)86.88.6
Climb angle (°)30°30°30°
Drive type (kW)Diesel motor (14.2)Diesel motor (30.5)Motor (22)
Hydraulic systemSystem flow rate (L/min)0~660~1000~110
System set pressure (MPa)212121
Operating pressure (MPa)161616
Controlling systemControlling modeWireless/wiredWireless/wiredWireless/wired
Controlling modelOpen loop monitor / Close loop controlOpen loop monitor / Close loop controlOpen loop monitor / Close loop control
Controlling devicePortable remote control devicePortable remote control devicePortable remote control device
Operating areaMax. operating height (mm)465073507350
Max. operating width (mm)421564006400
Max. operating depth (mm)145032803280
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