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Hydraulic Hammer/ Hydraulic Breaker

Our Hydraulic Hammer/ Hydraulic Breaker:
Our hydraulic hammer and hydraulic breaker suits for 1-50 tons of excavators (diggers) and hydraulic machines.

Giant hydraulic hammer and hydraulic breaker is of high strength breaking capability, our high-tech hydraulic equipment can save labor force so you can get our hydraulic hammers at low price, also with long life span. Our hydraulic hammer is for mining, metallurgy, railway and highway construction fields.

Giant is hydraulic engineering equipment manufacturer since 2001. We can offer wide range of engineering equipment such as hydraulic hammer, hydraulic crusher, demolition robot and boom system. With advantages of high-tech talents, we focus on designing and manufacturing precise hydraulic hammer and hydraulic crusher for breaking rocks, concrete, slags and related hard objects.

If you are finding hydraulic equipment for crushing and demolition of hard materials of rock, concrete, ladle, slag, ice, cement, you will find Giant hydraulic hammers are your good choice.